Experience the Experience


I worked with my first DBase database in 1991, used MS Access for the first time in 1995 and worked with my first SQL Server in 1999. I've worked with almost every SQL Server version ever since. I'm especially good at performance tuning and writing set based rather than procedural queries.

Business Intelligence

I first contributed to a Data Warehouse in 2010, using Business Objects. In 2011 I designed my first Data Vault and have been using the full MS BI Stack since - using Biml and SSIS to load data, into a Data Vault, extracting and shaping data using SSAS and reporting using SSRS.


In 1984, Motorola 6502 Assembler and Apple Basic became the tip of the iceberg. A lot more languages have been adding to the iceberg since. Most of them are forgotten like RPG III, Graforth and Turbo Pascal but I keep up to date and learn new languages all the time.

A rolling stone gathers no moss

In some corners of the world, that's a bad thing.


Contact info

Address: Van Bemmelstraat 99, 3818 PC Amersfoort
Phone: +31-6-41480638